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Barcelona in detail

Writing on the wall. Photo taken in Barcelona, Spain by Dave Rubin.

Travel blogs are a dime a dozen these days. But finding the good ones, that’s the challenge. You know, the ones that inspire you with a burning desire to dust off your old suitcase, stuff it with some clothes and gadgets, and buy an open-ended ticket to somewhere far far away.

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Those are the kinds of blogs we feature on TravelBlogs. And we’ve uncovered plenty of gems over the past few years. As TravelBlogs is about to feature its 100th blog, I thought it would be an appropriate time to stop and heap praise upon the 99 excellent travel blogs already featured.

Blogs by Solo Travellers

Kiwis Don’t Fly! – Dave Kidd is an adventurous Kiwi with a simple plan: to get from Dublin to Sydney without setting foot in a plane. (Interview with Dave)
GoBackpacking: ‘Round the World – Dave Lee is on Round the World trip, passing through New Zealand’s glaciers, Thailand’s beaches, the Himalayas, and a whole lot more along the way. (Interview with Dave)
There and Back – Evan is an actor, producer, director and world traveller currently living in Brooklyn, New York. His blog is all about his travel adventures during a Round the World trip. (Interview with Evan)
Everything Everywhere – Everything Everywhere tells the adventures of Gary’s multi-year round the world trip through the Pacific, Australia, Southeast Asia and beyond. (Interview with Gary Arndt)
Gone East – Huw is a young English guy spending a year in China before returning to the UK in September. (Interview with Huw)
Travel Betty – Travel Betty lives in San Francisco, but is always looking for ways to get out and feed her travel addiction. (Interview with Travel Betty)
Girl Solo in Arabia – A modern-day traveller takes on the task of replicating an epic journey in the Middle East, journeyed over 7 centuries ago by a famous Moroccan scholar. (Interview with Carolyn McIntyre)
Pickled Eel – Random tales from a Sydney-based blogger, who finds plenty of opportunities to head overseas. (Read interview with Pickled Eel)
Ubertramp – Nathan Richards is the charming host of Ubertramp. His blog has now morphed into a community portal, but browse back and you can read about his adventures in Morocco. (Interview with Nathan Richards )
Overland Tales – Steve James hit the road back in 2005 on a ‘Round the World trip. After returning, it didn’t take long for his feet to get itchy again, so in November 2007 he set out on a ‘wintry overland odyssey’ from Europe to East Asia. (Interview with Steve)
Budget Trouble – Anna is a writer, accidental photographer and travelholic moving through the world on a budget and trying to avoid trouble. On her blog, she shares about her experiences in Japan, Bhutan, Sweden and elsewhere. (Interview with Anna)
Brooke vs. The World – Brooke is a 24-year old travelling until she runs out of money, finishes the journey, or figures out what she wants to do with her life (whichever comes first). (Interview with Brooke)
Taste the Tuna Fish Ice Cream – Phil Goldman is a self-described “jack of no trades” on a quest for the ordinary, bizarre, improbable, implausible, unthinkable, or disgusting, neatly summed up by his credo: Taste the Tuna Fish Ice Cream. (Interview with Phil)
Debby’s Departures – Debby’s blog recounts her experiences on the road, from solo trips in Europe, around the Baltic Sea, and up and down Vietnam and Alaska, to journeys with friends and family in Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland. (Interview with Debby)
Le Blog Laura – Laura brings a lovely literary style to her travel journal, in which she shares about her experiences in France and the Mediterranean.
Nerd’s Eye View – Pam Mandel is the nerd behind Nerd’s Eye View, a blog recounting her travel experiences, from local field trips to big adventures. Beautiful photos and engaging writing keep the blog refreshing and lively.
Point2Point – Dave is wandering the earth in search of home: a place he can call his own. So far, that search has seen him travel overland from Portugal to China. (Interview with Dave)
Trail of Ants – Trail of Ants is the witty blog of Ant, a young Englishman who set off on a round-the-world backpacking trip in mid-2007. Over the past year, his travels have taken him through eight of Asia’s most inspiring countries and brought him to Melbourne, where he’ll spend the next few months living and working.
Solbeam – A perpetual pilgrim wanders the world, sharing her experiences with beautiful, reflective prose. Christina’s travels have taken her through Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.
Gelli goes South-ish – Gelli is Rich Perkins, a professional cartographer who doesn’t fly but travels constantly. His latest journey? A voyage to Saint Helena, to spend four months living in one of the most remote places on earth.
Almost Fearless – Christine Gilbert was a manager in a large Fortune 500 company but ditched that life to become a freelance writer and photographer. She now lives abroad in Spain, with plans to head over to Mexico City and continue on from there.
Nathan Shipley Travels the World – Nathan Shipley is a 27-year old who decided to quit his job and take off travelling with only a vague idea of where to go and how to afford it.
The Next Great Adventure – Joshua Davis has been living in China since October. His blog captures the stories, emotions and challenges of living abroad.
Ever the Nomad – Originally from Croatia, Anja Mutic has lived and worked as a travel writer in every continent except Antarctica. These days, she’s based in New York City, but she still finds plenty of occasions to venture abroad.
Solo Road Trip – Tammie Dooley’s preferred mode of travel is on foot or by 4WD. All done solo, of course. Her blog is an attractively designed invitation to follow along on her journeys.
Nick’s Worldwide Wanderings – Nick Rennic is a young British guy on a leisurely journey through Asia with one simple purpose: to have his eyes opened even in the slightest.
Purl Interrupted – Lauren O’Farrell is a writer, traveller and knitter who spent three months travelling around India and Nepal.
The London Spy – The London Spy is an Aussie traveller absorbing life in London while exploring other European cities. Her writing is fun and personal, complemented by lots of photos.
Caffeinated Traveller – Cate is a self-confessed caffeine addict from New Zealand on a search for fine coffees, teas and other insights into the countries of Asia.
[F]oxymoron – [F]oxymoron’s trip to India, Thailand and Cambodia may have just come to an end, but his blog is well worth checking out if you enjoy short, snappy prose with a healthy dose of humour and set against a beautiful website design.
Twitchhiker – On March 1st, Paul Smith set out on one heck of an interesting adventure: to see how far he can travel in 30 days using only the help and hospitality of Twitter users. The goal is to get as far as possible while raising funds for Charity: Water.
Itinerant Londoner – When your friends all seem to having babies or buying houses, what do you do? Stubbornly resist, of course! In a bid to cling to his youth for a little longer, Geoff is setting out on a round-the-world backpacking trip in March 2009. First stop: Mexico.
The Asian Traveler – The Asian Traveler is June, an Asian women on a mission to explore the world. Her blog is a colourful exposition of Asian destinations, well known and little known.
Farsighted Fly Girl – Farsighted Fly Girl is the glittering blog of Rosalind Cummings-Yeates, a freelance journalist with a passion for fashion, culture and travel.

Barcelona in detail

Barcelona in detail. Photo taken in Spain by Dave Rubin.

Blogs by Couples on the Road

The Indie Travel Podcast – Since they started travelling full-time in 2007, New Zealand couple Craig and Linda have trekked through five continents. Their weekly podcast features tips on how to travel the world independently.
Travelling Right, Travelling Light – Jacquie and Lloyd are a couple of travellers who spent six months travelling around the world in 2007. (Interview with Jacquie and Lloyd)
Karie and Scott – In 2007, Karie and Scott sold most of their stuff in the United States and flew to Barcelona without a place to live. Their blog chronicles their adventures living in Barcelona and travelling around Europe. (Interview with Karie and Scott)
Euros Ate My Dollars – Ben and Brittany are two 25-year olds on an unscripted trip around the world. Taking their time in each place, they’re planning to make their way through destinations in Europe and Asia before returning home to Virginia after 8 months. (Interview with Ben and Brittany)
Reason to Wander – Amy and Sloan are a thirty-something couple from Oregon who quit their jobs and sold everything to travel for a year. (Interview with Amy and Sloan)
Amy & Wim – Amy and Wim Meeussen are newlyweds on an epic honeymoon: they’re cycling from Belgium to China. (Interview with Amy and Wim)
Palabras de Portenos – Nick and Sarah quit their jobs in the US and moved to Buenos Aires to teach English. On their blog, they share their experiences living and working in Argentina through lovely photography and writing.
…Van Down By the River – From mid-2006 to June 2007, Joe and Rachel drove 26,964 miles through the US, Mexico, Central America and Canada in a van. Sadly, Joe passed away in May 2008. Their blog isn’t updated anymore, but it’s a poignant reminder to live the life you want to live.
On Our Own Path – Bessie and Kyle are on a year-long trip from Mexico to the southern-most tip of Argentina, where they plan to pick up work and continue travelling even longer.
Jamie Sinz – Jamie and her boyfriend Nik left their cushy life in America to live abroad in Thailand. They both blog about sojourns around Thailand and other parts of Asia.
Travels With Two – Melanie Waldman writes about the ups, downs and ins and outs of travelling as a couple. Together with her husband Adam, she has travelled through much of North America and Europe.
Flashpacking Life – Curtis and Lindsie are on a round-the-world flashpacking adventure through Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe.
Yohan & Dolina’s Walkabout – Yohan and Dolina trekked through 20 countries and 5 continents, discovering life in South America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Their journey is now finished, but they are updating their beautiful website with more practical info on how to dowhat they did.
Uncornered Market – Dan and Audrey have been travelling the world since December 2006, when they abandoned their lives in Prague, Czech Republic for an extended sabbatical on the road. Their stories are accompanied by beautiful photography.
Trans-Americas Journey – In April 2006 Eric Mohl and Karen Catchpole set out on an epic cross-country, cross-continental road trip through North America, Central America and South America. Three years and 96,000 miles later, they’ve covered the USA and Canada and are now making their way south through Mexico.
Travel With A Couple – Unny and Bindhu are an Indian couple with an insatiable love for travel. Their blog is a colourful repository of people and places throughout India.
Marisa and Izzy’s Blogsite – Izzy and Marisa set out in September on a round-the-world trip together, scarcely eight months after they first met. Their journey has taken them through the United States and South America, while they have contemplated their lives and their relationship. This week, Marisa heads back to Mexico to work, while Izzy will continue on the road for another three months.

Blogs by Intrepid Families and Parents

Family On Bikes – Since June 2008, the Vogel family (Mom, Dad and ten-year-old twin boys) have been on an epic two and a half year bike trip from Alaska to Argentina.
Travels with Children – Linda has four young kids, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring her country. On her blog, she shares kid-friendly attractions throughout the United States, from museums to amusement parks.
Traveling Mamas – The Traveling Mamas are four mothers on a mission to inspire other parents to travel with their kids. Their blog features regular tips on kid-friendly attractions and family holidays.
Bird Year – Birds, birds, birds. And then a few more. Malkolm Boothroyd is a 15-year old bird-lover on a year-long cycling adventure through North America with his parents. (Interview with Malkolm, Ken and Wendy)
Rambling Traveler – Most of Stacy’s trips are close to her Minnesota home, and her colourful blog brings her journeys alive. (Interview with Stacy)
Living the Rural Dream – In May 2008, the Family Smudge sold their house, quit their job and took to the roads of Europe with a camper. (Interview with Alice Smudge)
SoulTravelers3 – SoulTravelers3 are a family of three on a slow, open-ended travel adventure throughout the world. (Interview with Jeanne Dee)
Delicious Baby – Debbie is a mother of two who stands behind the belief that travel with kids can be fun. On her blog, she shares tips for other parents, including city guides to destinations in Europe, the USA and beyond.
Wandermom – Michelle is an Irish mum living in Seattle with her husband and two sons. As Wandermom, she is full of advice on how, where and why to travel with kids.
Travels with Baby – Shelly Rivoli wrote the book about travelling with a baby. Literally. On her blog she shares more tips about travelling with children.
The Little Travelers – Angelina is a gutsy mum who’s taken her two young daughters on trips to Japan, Bali, the British Isles and, most recently, Iran.

Blogs with Multiple Authors

The World By Road – Steve Shoppman, Steve Bouey, and a changing crew of extras are on an epic road trip from New Zealand to New York, living out their dreams while raising awareness of the world’s diversity. (Interview with Steve Shoppman)
America In 100 Days – In May 2009, Tom, Sarah and Joey are setting out on a road trip across the United States. Keep an eye on their blog as they prepare and plan their trip.
Viator Travel Blog – Viator's staff are dedicated and passionate travellers. On the Viator Blog, they share their experiences as they take in new sights and sounds across the world.

Blogs by Brilliant Photographers and Illustrators

Notes From the Road – Erik Gauger started Notes from the Road in 1999 as a collection of stories from his experiences on the road. His writing has a literary, evocative tone; and the photography that accompanies his pieces is stunning. (Interview with Erik)
Blogshank – Blogshank is the illustrated travel blog of Mike Smith. Mike spent 3 months travelling overland from London to Singapore and another 6 weeks in New Zealand – all of which he relates through simple, creative drawings. (Interview with Mike)
From Swerve of Shore – Aaron Santos moved to Hanoi, Vietnam in mid-2007, where he works as a photographer for a local magazine. His blog is filled with beautiful photos captured in Hanoi and on his travels throughout the region.
Here To Geneva – Matt Morelli combines sparse text with abundant (and beautiful) photography in one sleekly designed website. Here To Geneva sucks you in with its observational notes and imagery from destinations throughout Europe.

Blogs by Travel Writers

Novoarte’s Travel Blog – Julie is a passionate traveller moving back and forth between Puerto Rico, New York and Mexico City. (Interview with Julie)
Write Away! – Lauren is an award-winning writer with a love for travel and a keen eye for the familiar and unfamiliar. (Interview with Lauren)
Cool Travel Guide – Cool Travel Guide is the blog of Lara Dunston, a professional travel writer who has penned guidebooks for Lonely Planet, Dorling Kindersley and Thumbnail Guides, and written articles for many other publications. She is currently in her third year of perpetual travel with her husband Terry, a writer and photographer. (Interview with Lara)
Randall Wood – Randall co-authored the Moon Handbook to Nicaragua and now lives in Benin. (Interview with Randall Wood)
On the Trans-Siberian Railway – Paul Willis is on a 6,500-mile train journey from London to Tokyo. He’s accompanying his sister-in-law on her journey home after a car accident. Her injuries have ruled out plane travel for now, so they are taking the Trans-Siberian Railway instead.
Southern Cone Travel – Wayne Bernhardson is an expert on Argentina, Chile and Patagonia, having written the Moon Handbooks for all three (as well as Buenos Aires).

Blogs by Perpetual Travellers

Travelvice – In December 2005, Craig sold most of his possessions and took off for an extended travel adventure around the world. (Interview with Craig)
Song of the Open Road – Wade has been on the road for the past 8 years, in which time he has visited 25 countries on 5 continents. (Interview with Wade)
The Art of Nonconformity – Chris Guillebeau’s blog is all about living life in an unconventional way. One of his major personal goals is to do as much international travel as possible, and he plans to visit every country in the world. (Interview with Chris)
Hobo Traveler – Andy is the Hobo Traveler. For the past 11 years, he has traversed the globe endlessly, taking in 77 countries around the world. He has no intention of returning home.
The Professional Hobo – In 2006, Nora Dunn decided to trade in her comfortable life as a financial planner to travel the world with her partner, Kelly. Their travels have taken them through the United States, Canada, Thailand and Australia, amongst other places.
Nomadic Matt – Matt turned nomadic halfway through 2006 and has been on the road ever since. He’s planning trips through Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America, but anything can happen: he’s a nomad, after all. (Interview with Matt)

Blogs about Volunteering or Activism

Hope and Healing – Mark and Peggy are two physicians from New York City who have taken a year off the grind of academic medicine to travel the globe. After six months of travel, they will finally land in Liberia, where they will work as volunteers. (Interview with Mark and Peggy)
Slow Travel – Ed and Fiona are on a Round the World trip with a twist: they won’t fly. They’ll take every mode of transport around and revel in the slow movement throughlandscape, culture, people and language – instead of passing over it all in an aluminium sausage. (Interview with Ed)
Conor’s Mildly Thrilling Tales – Conor Grennan lived in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he ran a home for trafficked children.
One Week Job – Follow a young Canadian with an ambitious plan: to work 52 jobs in 52 weeks. (Interview with Sean Aiken)
The Big Walk – In 2003, Paul and Helen Webster set off on a 4,000 mile walk across Europe. Years later, Paul is blogging about the journey, which raised money for an environmental charity. (Interview with Paul)
The North West Territory – The North West Territory is the blog of Brian Hermon, a 23-year old working for an NGO in Ghana. (Interview with Brian)
The World By Sea – In November 2007, Derek set out with his friend to sail around the world, while helping charities and communities along the way by raising funds on his blog.
Observations – Stephen Greenwood is in Tanzania for 6 months, learning through experience about international aid, street children, corrupt orphanages, and the Tanzanian way of life. (Interview with Stephen)

Blogs about Living Abroad or Living on the Road

Greg Wesson’s Esoteric Globe – A business traveller with a penchant for fine beers and finely crafted tales of life on the road. (Interview with Greg Wesson)
Travis on Tour – The adventures of a young traveller teaching English in South Korea. (Interview with Travis)
The Daily Transit – A thoughtful, sharply written blog by a young writer with extensive travel experience in South Korea, the USA and Beijing, currently living in Wisconsin. (Interview with Ben Hancock)
Parisian Spring – Tanya is an American in her final semester as a graduate student who decided to ditch Washington D.C. and study in Paris instead. (Interview with Tanya)
Lives in a Van – David Thorsrud sold everything and embarked on a permanent road trip around the United States, in search of a more authentic life.
My Marrakesh – A beautifully photographed blog about Marrakesh. Maryam is a human right and democracy specialist, a freelance writer and textile lover who lives in Marrakesh with her husband, two kids and nine peacocks.
Intrepid 101 – Melanie McMinn is an American expat living in New Zealand, writing about adventure activities with an engaging style and a sharp sense of humour.
MyKugelhopf – MyKugelhopf is the blog of Kerrin Rousset, a New Yorker who moved to Zürich halfway through 2008. On her blog, Kerrin indulges and combines two of her great passions in life: travel and food. It’s mouth-watering stuff.
Bearshapedsphere – Eileen Smith is living the expat life in Santiago, Chile. Her blog is a collection of day-to-day observations, infused with her bright, sometimes snarky, writing style.
Planet Nomad – Late last year, Elizabeth Jones moved to Morocco with her husband and three kids. Her blog is an engaging account of expat life in Northern Africa.

Using TravelBlogs.com to Research Your Trip

Now that I’ve rattled on about all these wonderful travel blogs, let me fill you in on a simple way you can use TravelBlogs to research your next trip: Search.

That little search box at the top of the page is a lot more useful than you may realize. If you’re looking for some travel blog posts about a place you’re interested in visiting on your next trip, try typing in the place name. The search won’t just browse through pages on TravelBlogs.com – it will also look through every blog featured on TravelBlogs.

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      Naomi, David and their two sons are ‘on a slow roam around the world’. Though both successful, David didn’t want his children to view him as the dad who was always working. So, with the business and house sold, possessions relocated – the four set off to explore. Their style of travel allows them to live/work in comfort while spending quality time with Lucas and Easy (Ezekiel).

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