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Our Tour

Turning 40, it seemed the right time for Julie and Jason to rent out the house, break from their jobs, buy a motor home and obtain Charlie’s pet passport. What was to be a one year tour of Europe has them thinking they may remain on the road awhile longer. Charlie (their terrier) seems all [...]

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The Cheap Route

Frustrated with guidebooks and website information, while in Ankara (Turkey), Mike decided to started his own informational site. It is filled with personal stuff, as a traveler and tourist, that will aid others in finding those little gems we’d probably miss on this big blue orb we call home. His posts are realistic portrayals of [...]

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Kiwi Knights

Earlier this year (2010), two guys from New Zealand set out on a hike. Okay, not unusual for “Kiwis”. They seem to like hiking. But, this trek is somewhat unique as it follows the path of the Templar Knights which is not your normal modern-day quest. They’ve had their ups and downs – but, the [...]

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Heather and Scott’s Adventures: Van livin’ in New Zealand

So, you make the decision to leave the Northwest (US) for employment in Sydney, Australia. A bold move. But, not bold enough for Heather and Scott Matthews. Unhappy with “city life”, they buy a van, cull down their “stuff” and hit the road. After a year of van livin’ in OZ, they are now continuing [...]

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Drifting Aimless: Alone Around the World

In 2009, “Drifter Vagabond” started his blog with the best intentions to update it regularly, post photographs, thoughts and observations as he travels across the world. He has certainly held up his end of the bargain with a style and flare that is uniquely his own. His ongoing travel tales will surely keep one coming [...]

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Jolly Gringos

Seattle, Washington has it’s pluses – they just weren’t enough for Angie and Allen. In 2009, these two, like others before them, quit the day job routine to hit the road. From South America to Asia, they have been logging miles and blogging entries.( Plus, it seems they like Sumo Wrestling.)

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Jack and the City Lights is a unique combination of personal explorations, learning experiences and story-telling. Armed only with his wits and his trusty bicycle, Jack is pedaling his way through uncharted territory, both personally and globally. To quote The Grateful Dead: “…what a long, strange trip it’s been.” A trip in which Jack can [...]

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Abandon the Cube

If you have ever thought about “Abandoning the Cube” (that cubicle which has greedily eaten up most of your waking hours), then this is the blog for you. Though coming from totally different backgrounds, Mike and Lauren have abandoned said cube, come together and offer up a great insight on how to follow in their [...]

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Contemporary Nomad

Once upon a time, Tony and Thomas lead sedentary lives. Thankfully, they “chucked” it all for travel and invite you to join their journeys at Contemporary Nomad. Self-described as a mixture of adventure, travel, culture and opinion – they cover all vividly.

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And Baby Makes Three: An Interview with Wade Shepard

In his 2007 interview, Wade was described as a “modern-day nomad” and “travel was his lifestyle”. Not much has changed since that discussion. He’s still the “modern-day nomad” and “travel is still his lifestyle” but these days… That lifestyle includes a family. Wade met Chaya in 2008. They married and then gave birth to their daughter, Petra, in 2009. If you think parenthood overrides seeing the world – think again!

  • The Guy: I think Dave and Jodi raise some very valid points and they are consistent with my perceptions based on over...
  • Jay Daviot: Epic list! There are some great blogs there. Would love to see a few more blogs from photographers though...
  • John: I’ve always wanted to hitch hike across the USA.
  • Sara Wikoff: I found your post very interesting. I am just a Freshman in college and I have not decided my major yet....
  • John: Great advice, I always buy charcoal tabs in case I get an upset tummy.
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